The Joy of Packing – an affair with your backpack!

The idea of going somewhere, be it from your home to the airport or the other way round, everything is about that one moment. It could be about the joy of meeting the unexpected or the joy of being able to be back with the people that matter and share the incredible story of the trip you have been in!

Yes, it precisely comes down to the point when you are getting everything together into your backpack – it could be a clean map, it could be a souvenir! Click To Tweet

There’s a strange bond that I have established with my backpack. Dumped into a corner of the room to be picked up soon, the sight of it makes me optimistic, I feel I could grab it anytime and be free. When the time finally comes, the heart starts racing, excited and leaping, and what the brain sees is the outdoors! You are with your constant companion – the backpack!

The ritual starts when everything is dumped across your bed – the hoodies that would contrast the destination you are headed to, the new bandana, the waist pouch you have recovered from your cupboard, the book you plan to complete and other things that make you feel complete. A quick snap of the collective disarrangement for your first Instagram post and you are ready to tie up your laces and head to the airport! This is an amazing feeling and nothing can truly beat it. For the next few weeks, you would be living off your backpack and it becomes the home you carry along.

It would be true to say that arranging a backpack is one of the most satisfying of experiences for any traveler. The number of trips you have made would judge how expert you are in the process but that doesn’t really matter! After all, you are going somewhere, when others are just thinking about it, stuck in their routine.

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