The sacrifices we make to travel!

sacrifices travel

A nomadic life sounds cool. There are many who dream of a life that takes them places, but a fortunate few are able to live that dream.

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From saving money to not being able to spare the weekend for family and friends, it takes some amount of courage to live off your backpack. Most of these ‘travel sacrifices’ seem insignificant and easy enough to de-prioritize. But, for someone like me, who is on the verge of a changing lifestyle, it takes some amount of thinking.

So, what am I going to miss out on if I am away for most of the year? Let’s brainstorm!


It’s a simple exchange. If you are looking to become a hardcore traveler (please understand that I am not talking about the yearly vacations we make with family and friends), you will find it difficult maintaining relationships. While there would always be friends who you can not speak for years and still meet like you were never gone, there would always be those who wouldn’t be so accommodating.

Don’t find it shocking if you are meeting a group of friends after years and feel like you don’t belong anymore. It’s probably you who has changed and not them. Traveling has made you a more matured person and there’s a difference in attitude that not many would understand.

A gap has to be filled and not many wait for you to come back and fit in just like it had been before! Click To Tweet

Well, even if you are losing those long-term relationships, be sure that you will make a lot of like-minded friends on the way! That’s more precious!


Even before I have saved enough, I am looking for the next place to take a train/plane to! For travelers, saving money had never been the priority but it is the experience of the unknown. We might as well find ourselves in debt that would be hard to get over, but underneath all that, we would be richer than anyone else. It’s the knowledge gained and not our bank account balance, that makes us richer!

A stable career

Traveling is something that has always been seen as an accessory to living. It has been marketed as a stress reliever – something that is designed to give you a ‘break’ from your usual lifestyle. Even today, if someone says that he/she would want to make a living out of traveling; people will think it to be a crazy idea. Well, I am not talking about sitting at the counter of a ticketing agency. That’s also a travel job but it’s highly unlikely that you would ever be able to actually travel!

On the good side of it, if you have been able to pursue a life of a traveler, it’s not a job at all. We, travelers, are stressed out when we are not moving from one place to another in search of experience and beauty!

Read my blog on how to make a living being a traveler. That will answer the obvious curiosity here!

A settled life

To afford my traveling, I keep my purchases to the minimum. When I am not traveling, I sit at home and try to make money sharing my experiences. When I do have the mood to go shopping, I would look for new traveling accessories! We put our money where we really need it! You won’t find an expensive jewelry in our cupboard. Rather, you will come across a lot of fluorescent bags, outdoor clothing, sleeping mats and the like.

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It is hard being a traveler. You will have to give in all your time, probably take 2 o 3 jobs, work late into the night and be ready again the next morning. The push to saving some money can be insane but at the end, it’s a goal that’s totally worth it. There couldn’t be a better life if you have managed to watch the sunrise from the top of Mount Everest or sleep under the Northern Lights!

Do share what you have sacrificed to travel the world!


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