Going somewhere when you have nowhere to go

For most, it’s just a romantic idea that just sits there in the head and something that dare not be acted upon. Going somewhere, freeing yourselves from the shackles, is easier thought than done. The reasons can be many – shortage of funds, shortage of leaves, too many responsibilities at home, a stable career to look forward to, exams to prepare for, being kempt for the next big interview, bills to be paid and much more. The challenges of traveling are many. Even if you would have wanted to vanish for a while, it would take huge courage. However, if you really sit and think about it, there might be a silver lining after all!

It is actually funny how frequently I have been broke!

There have been days when I was stripped to being ‘zero’ but the continuous search for the ‘silver lining’ became the most rewarding experiences too. Without any material possessions, money, and people who would seek an answer, it’s also easy to get unimportant and become a ‘nobody’.

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This is when you can start being a nomad who doesn’t need anything other than the passion, the lone goal of just getting across to the world that had sat there right inside the head for so long. Enough is enough! And when it is about survival, you become tougher, you build a character and you always find way to way to stay alive – not just physically but being truly happy about your life.

Go towards freedom

Freedom from the usual charms of life is the first step to becoming a traveler and to be free, you need not venture far. You need nothing to be free! Instead, you will find the world that is enriched by kindness, generosity and hard work. This is when your world becomes a gym, every moment of it – making you stronger and tougher from deep within.

Move to the present

Having nothing actually, empowers you because you have been stripped to start afresh. The only things you own is your mind, body and your dreams. The only things you will focus on will be the present – you don’t have the options to be sad about the past or be worried about the future. However, it is the dream only that keeps you alive.

Go towards learning the value of things

For someone who has already experienced what it is like to have nothing, every dollar is worth more. You begin counting cents instead and that in the long run can become a great habit to getting what you want and not getting lured by things unnecessary. Money is no longer something that keeps going out and coming in but of something of much higher value that you learn to appreciate. This is also when you get better at prioritizing your needs.

Go towards growing a character

Lastly, it’s the perfect way to rebuild yourself. The foundations are not based on your academics or the recommendations you have had from your employer but the inherent character you have begun to grow.

Being open to possibilities and widening your senses to what could be coming next, makes you a smarter human being. Many have said about how travel can change you but it can be a real catalyst to the person you want to become. Don’t let anything to stop you from going somewhere and living life on your own terms. While it won’t be easy you will have something amazing to look back to!

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