How do I get paid to travel?

There couldn’t be a better life if you can get paid to travel the world! Sound like a dream, eh? Well, there are many who have been living out of their suitcases and getting paid, should I say, quite handsomely, for it! For the rest of the world, the life of a travel blogger is all about being at new places, having fun and putting your money to the best use. But, there is a lot that goes on behind the colorful travel selfies!

So, how exactly do professional travelers make a living? This question had made me curious since long but it is now that I have truly understood what it means. I have been trying to make my mark in the field of travel blogging and photography for some time now and here’s what features in my checklist:

Making money any way you can!

To people I randomly meet, I would mostly introduce myself as a travel blogger or a travel photographer. But, I am a still a long way to be called one. The answer is basically to shorten a lengthy and confusion conversation. To tell the truth, I make money in any way I can. I write, not just travel blogs, but all kind of articles, even technical reviews and press releases for companies. When I get a chance, I take up photography assignment and they need not be location based. It could be a product shoot, wedding project or anything else. My interests also lie in wildlife conservation and from time to time, I also take up small projects that pay for my travels and some amount that can go into my travel savings. The idea is to minimize my expenses and earn the maximum. At the end of a couple of months, when I have saved enough, I just go!

It can be surprising to know that for someone willing, budget trips, backpacking and hitchhiking can be pretty cheap! That’s how I have started and it has helped me add to my portfolio. Yes, we do have one! This website itself is the platform of my work!

In search of clients who pay…

I have been into the field of writing for more than 7 years now. It has been my first job out of school, earning me enough for my movie tickets, short trips, picnics and the occasional gifts to my crush! Well, that had been a job that has stuck with me till date! Writing has been the basis of my living but since I decided to make a mark in the travel space, I have been searching for clients who are really interested.

So, who do I pitch? They would be other travel blogs, lifestyle blogs, magazines and other publication who would be interested in hearing a story from the outdoors. Luckily, I have been able to gain a few clients who love my work! The moment I come back from my trips, I sit to writing about it and get readily paid! It covers a major part of my expenses.

Working on a portfolio

People who would be interesting in paying you for your travels are also searching for platforms that would add to their marketing goals. Consequently, you will need to work on social profiles that are viral. The quality of content matters here – be it a blog or a photograph. I took to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to launch myself as a traveler and the response had been overwhelming! Once you get the attention of the audience, it would be easier to pitch your popularity.

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So, how much money can I make?

The truth is, I don’t make a lot of money. While I assume that good work will always get paid and it will take some time, what motivates me more is the opportunity. There are a lot many ways that I get paid to travel. You can check them out here.

Lastly, it’s not the money I crave. I don’t target a certain amount of saving at the end of the year if I have been able to cross off some places from my checklist. It’s important to know what your passion is and this is a space that requires a leap of faith. I have already jumped! Even if I fall on a hard ground, there would be smile across my face!


  1. A good write on reality of an blogger, as many take it as a easy money making way sitting infront of a computer and being served with cold and hot coffee at regular intervals.

    1. True Sachi. But as long as we get to travel, it doesn’t really matter how hard the money is made! Do keep reading about my journeys.

  2. The last line is the best. Making destiny by oneself is not always bed of roses. But I guess the one who care more of making a destiny, rather than following daily routine life, don’t care much about what will be waiting post trip. Well-written and good luck. I subscribed today.

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