The Confessions of a Wannabe Travel Blogger

The Silent Turmoil

Two months of freelance writing and I have just saved enough for a weeklong backpacking trip to Meghalaya. There had been other expenses on the way but none had fallen on my list of “unnecessary”. I admit to an addiction, the addiction to get away from the monotony and I save all I can for the break. Even though I am a freelance travel blogger, I am bound to my room, staring at the 11” laptop screen, looking for potential projects and reviewing my invoices. There’s a dire need to shake me free. When I try taking a break from the bigger screen, my fingers automatically swipe across my smartphone for the latest travel stories and pictures of places I want to run to.

I talk about my love to travel but I am bound by my needs. I haven’t yet had the courage to get away from my rented room in Bhubaneswar and find a life on the road. However, I believe that would be the best thing that could happen to me and I would do it sometime very soon. A home is where you belong but this room is definitely not the place.

Traveling has never been easy and I am not a kind of person who would be justifying just shifting my “personal cubicle” to some other place.  I want to go around, see the world and travel blogging is perhaps the only way that my passions will meet my skills (that I believe to possess). I want to live off the land, a digital version of it, of course. Today, as I am typing down this article, I am finally giving it a serious try.

I have been following a few established travel bloggers for some time now and trying to understand how they had finally found their start of the road. Travel blogging is not a career that you jump into right after you finish college. It’s something that draws on you. For me, the everlasting sunshine and green valleys are yet to come, after having completed my MBA in tourism management and working as a freelance writer and photographer for the past 5 years now. However, I am yet optimistic. At least I would try and it would take me to a few other places in this huge world. If I lose hope, I wouldn’t have seen them either.

I plan to make my trip to Meghalaya, a turning point in my life. I believe to have the passion and all I need to do is weigh down the comforts of a routine lifestyle and seek my dreams. It would be sad to lose this flow and I am in no mood to give up. I will travel, see the world, sleep under northern lights, ride through dunes in Sahara, trek the Himalayas, catch my fish for lunch and move forward for newer experiences. I have waited long enough and it’s time that my dreams are answered. My laptop and my camera would be traveling with me all along.

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