Beach v/s Mountains – The Hard Choice

Beach v/s Mountains. It’s like having to choose between your friends and the girl you love! The company of either is hard to give up. However, the good thing about travel is that the beach would still be waiting if you are having your love affair with the mountains and vice versa! It’s a big world out there and so many places that you can fall in love with.

Coming back to our point of discussion here, the choice between a beach destination and a mountain destination should depend on many things.

It’s your choice to make!

Before we go any further, listing out the checklist that is supposed to help you choose, it is important to understand that it’s your choice to make at the end of the day. Traveling should be intuitive and just like any other love affair; it should not differentiate on the basis of what you get back in return. Just close your eyes and seek what makes you feel good.

Sometimes, however, it becomes a bit more practical to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

The thumb rule

Beaches in winters and mountains in the summers, especially for countries like India, where there is an extremity of both in the mainland. Tourists flood to the high mountains ranges to escape the heat of the summers. Beaches are preferable (and cooler) during the winters.

What are you seeking?

Are you looking for a destination that is more secluded or a place that offers a lot of life? Do you prefer walking alone or in a small group or be among a huge crowd and frolic in the waves? Beach destinations are always well provided for. It’s easy to find a hotel, a good restaurant, a happening nightlife and a vibrant culture. With mountains, however, it’s all about the peace and getting lost. You have your answer!

Who are you traveling with?

While there are always exceptions, it is generally preferable to visit a beach when you are with your family/friends and are looking for some fun. Beach destinations offer a lot of noise, fun, interaction and consequently, make it safer and convenient to travel with your family. It’s more like being in a society of fun loving people.

Backpacking India

Beach v/s Mountains – What’s my pick?

Having traveled to both beaches and mountains, I have finally come to realize that it’s the latter that I would prefer any day. Traveling for me is more about the journey than the destination. Mountains offer a lot to be explored, learned from and witness. There is a different kind of landscape at every turn. I love to sit alone, close my eyes and listen to the sound of waterfalls. I love when the cool breeze gently touches my skin and brings with it, the smell of wild flowers. I love to keep staring up at the sky and watch the clouds pass by or the stars decorating the void. I love to become a part of the culture that’s completely different from what I am used to. The mountains, for me, are a love affair that allows me to be me.

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There’s a midway too!

How about going to Bali or Hawaii? You get both!

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