Neuschwanstein Castle – The Sleeping Beauty

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle would be a place that I would like to visit time and again. Built in the backdrop of the Alps and on hills that oversee the black forest, there couldn’t be a more wonderful landscape! The castle was built by the ‘mad king’ Ludwig II but he had come up with an architectural wonder that supersedes any other remnant of the Bavarian kingdom. I would go on to say that he wasn’t mad but a crazy genius! Add to this the fact that the king didn’t use a single penny of the public money and spent all of his fortunes to erect this wonder! That’s the love for art. That’s the sign of a true connoisseur!

If you have ever seen a Disney movie, you must have noticed the Sleeping Beauty castle logo in the titles! Well, the fairy tale castle based in Disneyland Park and the Honk Kong Disneyland is an inspiration from this same structure!

How to reach

Fussen is connected by hourly trains from most important stations in Germany. A ride from Frankfurt would take you about 5 hours. Getting out of the Fussen train station, it won’t be hard to find a bus that takes you to the Hohenschwangau bus stop. The ticket center for the castle visit is close to the bus center if you would like to take an indoor tour too and you must!

The Neuschwanstein Castle is high up in the hills and you can both trek or take a shared cart ride to reach the castle entrance!

Best time to visit

The Neuschwanstein looks beautiful all round the year. What won’t when it is surrounded by the black forests, the frigid Alpine peaks, and an emerald green Alpsee lake! I visited during the peak summers but would want to go back during the winters when snow covers the entire landscape!

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