Pondicherry – A Photo Story

White Town, Pondicherry

Pondicherry – a serene Union Territory placed perfectly along the Bay of Bengal offers an experience that is really unique for this country. Just an overnight journey from Bangalore, you wake up to a whole new different world. Better known as Pondy, the history of the city is centered on peaceful colonial establishments by the British, French, Portuguese and the Dutch. Each of these establishments has left their marks across the city.

Here are some things that you can’t miss!

A French Breakfast

When you are in Pondy, do as Pondy people do! The heart of the city lies in the White Town district, close to the rock beach. This is where you get several establishment and quaint eateries that offer authentic French platters. My day started at The Baker Street with Croissants, Chicken Quiche and Macaroons!

Baker Street

The Sunrise at Rock Beach

The most amazing thing about Pondy is the sunrise. The sky takes on several hues before the golden light shows itself in its full form. Do reach before dawn to enjoy the spectacle.

Rock Beach, Pondy

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

It’s one of the most beautiful church architecture you would have ever seen! I was reminded of my trip to the Vatican City last year! Spend some time there even if you are not keen on prayers.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Another popular of churches in the city, this would be more secluded and peaceful, sans the heavy tourist traffic.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

The Rock Beach at Night

Depending on what time of the year you are visiting, there would always be something going on the Rock Beach during the evenings. After 5 PM, no vehicles are allowed on the beach road and you can just sit around and fill yourself with the sounds of the sea.

Heritage Festival, Pondy

The White Town

Homes and its lanes are at their colorful best. Each colonial home here paints a beautiful picture that cannot be missed. Just take a walk around and you will have several opportunities to change your next Facebook cover photo!

White Town District, Pondicherry

The Paradise Beach

A few kilometers from the main city, the Paradise Beach is one of the bluest beaches in this part of the country. However, make sure you have your hat on!

Paradise Beach

Another place you shouldn’t miss is Auroville. Read more about Auroville here!

Best time to visit: The summer sun can get really hot. Do try to plan your Pondy trip in the monsoons or the winters.

How to reach: Take an overnight bus from Bangalore. Both KSRTC and other private companies have regular buses plying between Bangalore and Pondicherry. You can also reach Pondicherry from Chennai. It will be a six hours road trip.


  1. I have always been a fan of your photos. Now, a travel-blog is perfect. I always wanted to make one, with the photos I took while being in Poland. I think this will inspire me now. Keep writing. I am yet to visit Puducherry, but surely sooner.

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